The CIDA SCORE™ is time-sensitive and compliance-driven. A high score means the Association has provided current, complete documentation that is required by state law or the good governance principles to which all responsibly managed corporations should subscribe.

By comparing the HOA’s CIDA SCORE™ to the current median score of more than one-thousand HOAs that have been examined by CIDA, a buyer can quickly assess how the subject property compares to other Associations that have been examined.

Above-average scores are the result of competent management and responsive governance that serves the best interest of the HOA members.

There is no failing score in absolute terms but comparing the Association’s CIDA SCORE™ to the current median score is a useful analytic. The median CIDA SCORE™ is the result of thousands of examinations over a period of years and a variety of state statutory landscapes.

A CIDA SCORE™ above 63 is among the top 20% of all HOAs that have been examined. A score above 68 establishes the Association as one of the top 10% among more than 1,200 HOAs in eight states that have been rated by CIDA.

To achieve a CIDA SCORE™ among the top 20% requires that the Association is in compliance with applicable statutes and the internal rules of the organization. Timely and complete financial reporting must be consistent with generally accepted accounting principles. Association’s that receive a CIDA SCORE™within the top 10% are an elite group that represents the best in HOA governance and management execution.