CID Analytics

CID Analytics is the nation’s leading provider of pre-purchase due diligence services to home buyers who invest in a homeowner association (HOA).

The CIDA mission is to bring positive change to a fragmented HOA marketplace. By educating buyers, the CIDA Mission seeks to empower a new generation of homeowners who will become tomorrow’s leaders and decision-makers of more than 350K privatized residential communities in the United States.

Our goal is to empower buyers by providing them with the knowledge they need to negotiate the best possible terms when purchasing a home in an HOA. The CIDA REPORT™ offers valuable insight into the administrative and financial practices of the HOA in addition to property details that may not be obvious to the average buyer. CIDA is an advocate for home buyers in a negotiation process that has historically favored sellers.

Become one of a new generation of home owners by taking the pre-purchase due diligence process seriously. Don’t let your dream home become a nightmare!