Setting a Standard For Reserve Studies

Considering that a quality reserve study prepared by a competent provider can, or at least should cost several thousand dollars, it is somewhat puzzling that the so-called "invisible hand" of the "free marketplace" has yet to demand a higher level of accountability and professional standards from the industry. At the present time there is virtually … Continue reading Setting a Standard For Reserve Studies

Rogue Boards and The Wall of Silence

Rogue boards and the wall of silence...

The HOA Hall of Shame

Dateline: San Francisco, CA - In what can only be described as an unprecedented level of homeowner association incompetence at the administrative level we have the case of the Presidio Homeowners Association located in the exclusive Presidio Heights neighborhood in San Francisco, CA. Couple Purchase Private Street in Exclusive Presidio Heights HOA The upscale HOA, … Continue reading The HOA Hall of Shame

Community Next: 2020 and Beyond

In March of 2016 the Community Associations Institute (CAI) released a White Paper titled: Community Next: 2020 and Beyond - The Association Governance Model Panel Report....